Toms & Tonks

We had such a special, Christmas spirited day today! We finally picked out a tree and Mason took pictures with Santa! No joke, he looked straight from the North Pole, the real big white beard and all. I love me a man with a beard! And one that showers me with gifts! Andrew is my Santa year-round haha. Mason loved Santa! He loves posing for cameras which is why you will soon see him in your next Carter’s ad. Oh, and not to mention his face is to die for. I have never seen a cuter baby in my life. Not only that, he never cries, (like ever) and sleeps 10 hours every night since he was born. He is so advanced (put his own pacifier in his mouth at 1 day old and started holding his own bottle at 2 months and feeding himself)! Pretty much gave birth to a gorgeous baby genius.
I was going to dress up in the Christmas spirit today but then I was like jeans, sweater and slippers it is! Yes, I wear my slippers outside because I really don’t care. Besides, Mase stole the show today.
Hope you all had an amazing Monday!







Hat: Tom Tom Shop
Sweater: Free People
Jeans (diy holes): SQIN
Slippers: Minnetonka
‘A’ Necklace: Anthropologie
‘M’ Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Carter’s
Sweater: Carter’s
Shirt & Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS


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