Hair Lovin’ by Lowin’

Lately, I am so lazy to wash or do anything with my hair that a pony or top knot has been my go-to. I figure since I am lackadaisical in that department, why not at least make it cute! So I searched and searched for trendy hair ties and We Wear by Lowin’ saved the day. Now my pony tails aren’t so boring! If your hair is anything like mine, (long, heavy, thick, coarse, dense) you are going to need a sturdy hair tie that stays in place. Not one that will stretch out and rip right when you’re about to secure the pony. I am a huge fan now and not only do they look great in my hair like this chevron one, but also look adorable occupying my wrist. There are various colors/designs and come in cute packaging. If you do order these, be a little patient because they come all the way from my roots (insert pun here), Sweden! Happy Hair Humpday! Xx.

Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.

– Grace Coddington











Chevron Hair Tie: c/o We Wear by Lowin’
Leopard Hair Tie: c/o We Wear by Lowin’

Snowsuit: London Fog


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