I Get It From My Mama

I went to my Mom’s house for dinner the other night and I practically dropped when I saw this necklace on her. She always looks so stunning and puts together the cutest outfits. She is so tiny that I can barely fit into her clothes, so I told her I needed to borrow this necklace. I am never one to make a statement with a big, bright necklace, but I just couldn’t resist. I am more into dainty jewelry. So even though I would love to take the credit for this gorgeous piece, I can’t. I have to say I get my fashion sense from my Mom. I would be looking through old pictures and ask, “OMG do you still have those pants?”, or “holy crap you were always so fab!”, but I can’t use the word “fab” because she always tells me, “Use the whole word!” So, “fabulous” it is, and She. I get it from my Mama.
This dress is old, almost a year to be exact. I wore it to my baby shower and it’s not maternity. I never wore maternity clothes because I didn’t get “big” till about 8 months. Another thing that I should have known Mason was going to be a prodigy baby. He didn’t make me look fat when I was pregnant!!!! But now that I am no longer pregnant, I can still rock it with a flat stomach and I don’t care that it is old or only cost 20 doll hairs.
It’s Friday, love your life today, and everyday! Xx.

When we set out and do the best we can do, it’s inevitable that great opportunity finds us because we are doing truly what makes us happy. We’re in alignment and ready for the opportunities that life puts in our path.

– Josh Hinds









Coat: Express
Dress: Cotton On
Shoes: Forever21
Watch: Movado


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