Happy 8 Months Mase

Today marks Mason’s 8 months of life. Time really does fly. He is growing up so quick and although I do cherish every second of every day with him, it is like the blink of an eye. The whole Mommy thing is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is pure happiness every single day without fail. I wake up and run to his crib to see him in a sleeping beauty slumber. He wakes up and always smiles at me. It kills me. Totally makes my heart stop. One will never know a mothers love till they have a bundle of joy of their own. I truly hope that anyone who does want a baby in the future, is surly blessed with one.
Before I had Mason I was that girl that said, “I will NEVER have kids!” Then one day, you meet that one person who you just know you cannot live without and it happens. The most beautiful gift of all. Some days I just sit and cry because I’m like what did I do to deserve this amazing human? Why did he pick me out of all Mommies? So many questions I will never have the answer to, but what I do know is that there is a God, because he has blessed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. No girls night, no club, no extravagant gift, no exotic vacation, no shopping spree, no 6 inch heels can ever make you feel the joy that your own baby can. I thought I lived life before Mase but now that he is here I am like okay, how did I ever live without Him? The answer is, I didn’t.
Love you Mason, with all my heart and soul.







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