Pretty in Mink

Andrew came home this weekend and brought me another amazing mink. Not just any old mink, it belonged to his beloved Grandmother, Mary DeRossi. To some it’s just a name, to me it was one of the most inspirational women I was lucky enough to have ever known. She was always so poised, had morals and values. She kept her standards high but her head higher and that set the tone for her level of respect. She was radiant in the sense she would wake up and go “put on her face”, even though she was 90. And even though she didn’t even need a stitch of makeup, she was breathtaking, not only on the outside, but on the inside. She was always worried about filling mine and Andrews belly with the most tasteful home cooked meals. She was also always so concerned about our safety. We would take nightly boat rides and she would wait up and be worried sick. Although she has passed, her spirit lives on in me so powerfully. She was like the Grandmother I never had. I was so fortunate to have her too. Such a blessing to my life. This mink just makes me feel so much closer to her. It is gorgeous, just like she was. She was more vibrant than any 25 year old I knew. Her stories were always heartfelt and passionate, I would sit there and laugh and cry with her. I once asked her what the secret was to a successful relationship because she always spoke so fondly of her late husband, she simply stated, “you treat each other right, and it just works”. I feel that way with Andrew so strongly, we work and we were made for each other. I know this is more than an outfit post, and it has every intention of being so. I love that woman. And I will forever cherish this beautiful addition to my wardrobe.

The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.











Sunnies: Old Navy
Shirt: Forever21
Vegan Leggings: Sanctuary Clothing
Shoes: STEVEN by Steve Madden
Watch: Movado


13 thoughts on “Pretty in Mink

  1. What a special piece and such special memories to have with it. Thanks for sharing a small bit of Mary’s story (I adore her monogram on the coat’s lining).

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