Mama’s Boy

Mason and I had a play date today that consisted of never ending kisses, hugs, laughter, reading, playing and swag. Yes, twin swag. My friends over at Salt City Emporium sent us each a pair of matching leggings so we can be twinsies (gosh I feel like a teeny bopper using that word). I thought it was kind of cute, okay a lot of cute. Then there was his shoe game. These little leather lovers were sent to Mason from Freshly Picked. They are so, SO amazingly awesome because they do not fall off his feet like all his other shoes. They have an elastic band that lightly secures around the ankle to prevent from doing so. All baby shoe designers, please take note!! Mason has countless numbers of moccasins and shoes, and these are by far my favorite. I don’t need to ever worry about them falling off or getting a random tap on the shoulder saying, “I think your son lost his shoe”. Now if you guys really love these moccs and would love them for your own tot, I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY soon and all you have to do is enter! So stay tuned!
Also be sure to check out my girl, Susan, who is the brilliant designer and mocc maker TONIGHT on Shark Tank at 9PM on ABC!!! I am so happy for her and can’t wait to be glued to the TV wishing/hoping/praying she makes a deal. (C’mon Mr. Wonderful!) Naturally, I was elated when I found out Freshly Picked was going to be on Shark Tank because it is my all time favorite show and now, brand. It inspires me in so many ways.
I truly hope all my beautiful readers have a happy weekend with lots of laughs. Xx.

One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.











Hat: Merona
Shirt: Junk Food
Leggings: c/o Salt City Emporium
Sneakers: Michael Kors
Wrap bracelet: c/o Trendy Trinkets

Hat: Merona
Shirt: French Toast
Leggings: c/o Salt City Emporium
Moccasins: c/o Freshly Picked
Backpack: Pottery Barn Baby


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