School Girl

I love switching up my style each and everyday. Some days it’s grunge, some I look like a librarian. Today, it’s schoolgirl. I never wore a uniform because I went to public schools my whole life, but I always wanted to wear those cute pleaded tartan skirts with a button up shirt, sweet little cardigan and knee high socks. Let’s not forget the Oxford shoes. Simply delectable. Since I am an old lady now and no longer attend school, I am living vicariously through, well, my own version of it. Mondays always mean back to school so I figured this outfit was fitting. In my mind, it looks like I just got out of class being schooled in algebra that I didn’t understand one second of, probably with a professor who spoke broken up English. (Yes, this was my luck all throughout college). Really, I totally just made a bottle or probably spoke in baby language. I decided to pair this skirt with a white basic tee because I needed the spotlight to shine on it. (And how annoying is that loopy hanger thing on my skirt that I tucked in over and over again and it found it’s way out for the second to last picture). Also, (in this picture) it looks like I’m sporting some serious hairy legs. I guess I have big pores and when you shave and go for a spray tan those chemicals sit in your pores like batter in cupcake tins. I could edit it out, but self-depreciation just sounded WAY BETTER (and totally contradicts the inspiring quote at the end of this post). I threw on a pair of glasses faker than Joan Rivers face just to add some studious appeal. I always feel as if I am jinxing myself when I wear fake glasses because I have 20/20 vision. Andrew on the other hand (or eye), has pretty bad vision. I tried on his glasses the other day, saw the galaxy stars and nearly fainted. Mason already has my eye color and lashes so we have high hopes for his vision. Speaking of the little man, he is 9 MONTHS old today. Time really does fly. He is the most active little nugget and has me wrapped around his teeny little finger. I would have loved to have him in today’s post but it’s just too darn cold.
Happy 9 Months Mase. Mommy loves you more than anything ever!!

My life is simple mathematics. I’m adding to my self-worth by subtracting self-doubt.








Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Free People
Shoes: Clark’s
Jacket: H&M
Bag: Old Navy
Watch: Movado


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