Be proud of your roots

These dark little roots are going to be lightened today. That’s right all you root haters. Getting my hair did. I always dread this day. Nothing worse than getting your hair done. Such a long, tedious process. Especially when you are trying to get to the brightest of blondes. I know, that’s kind of an oxymoron.
I want to talk about my elephant ring. Elephants are supposedly good luck and bring positivity into your life and you should always have one in your home, car, office etc. Trunk facing out! So I feel when I wear this beautiful ring from Karma Kandy it does just that. It is also on sale if you would like to check it out. Super cheap, chic and cute.
I would also like to shoutout my amazing Father who I love more than life and adore, HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you today DADDY! I love you so, so much and am super lucky to have you in my life. Words can’t describe what you mean to me. Love love love!!!

Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.









Jacket: H&M
Shirt: c/o Obviously Chic
Skirt: Free People
Sneakers: Michael Kors
Elephant Ring: c/o Karma Kandy
Cross bracelet: c/o Good Wood NYC
Spike bracelet: c/o The Glitter Vault


2 thoughts on “Be proud of your roots

  1. Totally agree, I was wearing my roots really long way before Shakira and am amazed at how many people have done a turnaround with the ombre trends being popular yet were root and blended tone haters before.

    You look gorgeous with your roots and I’ve always personally loved the ‘edgy’ look they give too. I’ll be doing mine next week though thankfully mum and I have always done them ourselves so it’s not so tiresome and nerve wracking as sitting at a salon.

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