Thickness is Realness

I am totally cool with my body other than some post pregnancy toning and tightening I should really get up on. I will wear whatever I want even if my cellulite is pop lock and droppin. I really have no shame. (Note: I will never show cleavage, not my thing) But I was watching Shahs of Sunset last night, (yea I like that show and their amazing thick eyebrows my face will never have) and I am just in love with Asa’s body type. From the midriff down. The reason why I say thickness is realness is because I am about to get REALLY REAL. So I’ve already got the thick thighs, now all I need is her massive big booty that is just so juicy. I know this all sounds so weird but I like meat on bones and appreciate a woman who accentuates it, like Asa. I will never be a stick, therefore it’s easier for me to have Asa as an inspiration, rather than Taylor Swift. Ya dig? Although my body type will never be Asa’s, in the meantime I will do butt and leg lifts to make me believe one day I will have that booty. This isn’t a body post, but my shorts here are so short that you can see my thighs and I just want to say I embrace those bad boys. Also, these shorts have now become winter shorts, as they reveal way too much without tights and I’m not about that life. After a baby, my cellulite has doubled so I have to mask it with tights for now. Oh and this jacket is from when I was in elementary school. I don’t know why I still have it, but I just felt like throwing it on. Well, Jillian Michaels is calling, time for some squats. Xx.

I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game to be better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.





Sunnies: RayBan
Shirt & Tights: H&M
Shorts: c/o XOXO Fashions
Sneakers: Cons
Ring: c/o 1ove1ee


4 thoughts on “Thickness is Realness

  1. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit, and that lipstick~~ I wish I could do red.
    I’m learning to accept my body-shape too…I am a pear. I used to avoid squats so that my legs wouldn’t get any bigger but now I just figure if I have them, I might as well tone them

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