Sausage & Peppa’s

Sausage to its casing is like my body to this skirt. Stuffed. Although I think this outfit is cute, it’s not really my style. I put it together because I like the crop top with the high waisted skirt. This outfit would actually be great for Atlantic City or anywhere in Jersey for that matter. Oh, and that’s my leather jacket again. I know you have missed it.
While I am on the topic of sausage, I wanted to tell you guys about a new favorite blog of mine by one of my favorite people. It is Kitchen Flames by Vincent James. This blog has amazing recipes that are sure to make your mouth water and your butt bigger. He is truly talented and such an inspiration! Check it out and let me know what you think!

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

-Harry Winston









Sunnies & Clutch: Vintage
Jacket: H&M
Shirt: B. Jewel
Skirt: Sans Souci
Heels: Forever21


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