Double Digits

Today marks the 10th month Mason has been alive on this Earth. I am so blessed and lucky to have little Mase in my life. He is too, too good to me and I just can’t even believe he is real. It never felt real until he started saying “mom” and “mama” which totally makes my heart melt. He is so intense, so advance and just the cutest little man ever. Mase is 23.3 pounds and 30 inches long. He is in the 90th percentile which means above average on the growth charts for height and weight for babies his age. Andrew is already teaching him anything and everything he needs to know about basketball. Meanwhile I am teaching him the ABC’s and how to be a germaphobe. Mason gets most excited when I read books to him. He has no interest in TV, unless it’s Spongebob which I am boycotting. He loves all his fruits and veggies but those sweet potatoes are his favorite. (Which is odd because Andrew and I dislike them). He absolutely loves (empty) water bottles without the cap of course. He loves jumping up and down. His pacifiers glow in the dark so while he sleeps he looks like he belongs at EDC among other ravers. All in all, he is just the best. I could literally eat him. HAPPY 10 MONTHS MASE! Xoxo.



Hat: Lids
Shirt: Carter’s
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Carter’s


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