Sunday Skyline

Sunday Funday has officially arrived and this is what I came up with. I absolutely love and will always cherish this lace tunic simply for the mere fact it belonged to Andrews late Grandmother. I took it in my possession when she passed, and it will remain there. Also, please forgive the fact that it is pilling horribly, as I assume it has seen better days and is super old. Or dare I say vintage? Speaking of vintage and old, which I believe there is a fine line between the two no matter what anyone says, these sunglasses were my mothers when she was my age. I took them when I moved out. I told her like, 5 years later, along with all her other stuff I took. She wasn’t too happy but I couldn’t resist. She has the best style!
This weekend I saw my sister who is always dressed to kill as well, (now I’m seeing it runs in the family) and she was wearing these booties. I couldn’t help but ask her where she got them with every intent of buying them. Of course I asked her if it was okay, and even if it wasn’t at that point, I would be sure to go against her word. So I give credit when credits due, and I also copy when, well when I want to. These were a must. Andrew first told me I don’t need another pair of black booties seeing I have every pair ever but duh, of course men will be men. I also snatched them up in calf hair leopard. You will see those soon.
The rings pictured below were sent to me by Finger Junkie and I highly advise you check out the site. Such affordable prices for amazing rings and bracelets. I have so many more that I wanted to pile on but I’ll save those for another post. May I warn you, you will become a junkie after visiting this site. A finger one, of course.

If you fuel your journey on the opinion of others, you are going to run out of gas.







Booties: Steve Madden
Cube ring: c/o Finger Junkie
Theda Ring set: c/o Finger Junkie


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