Happy 11 Months Mase!

Time flies and Mason just keeps getting bigger and bigger and smarter and smarter. This kid is a dream. He is my best best best friend in the whole wide world and I have never had more fun in my whole entire life than when I wake up everyday to his greatness. His belly laugh, the way he gargles his saliva and laughs about it because he knows he is being funny, the way he says “Dada” over and over again after I tell
Him to say “Mama”! And yes, he knows how to say “mom” and “mama” but only when he wants or sees food. All the other times it’s Dada! He knows how to give kisses whenever he hears “I love you”. He plays peek-a-boo constantly with his hats over his face. He loves his hats! Thank God! I always said a man should be born stock with a hat on his head. He still loves cell phones, water bottles and anything that is not intended for a baby. He loves all food, not one thing he doesn’t like! Use to be mangos but he eats those now too! I took these photos today of him and channeled his inner Dada: basketball, baseball, golf and construction. All things Andrew loves/plays/does.
The best thing about Mase is when he puts his arms up for me to hold him and then he wraps them around me and gives me a huge bear hug. My heart literally melts. I’ve never seen a baby quite like him, so engaged, extremely intense. He is very deep and I feel like he is an old soul. I can’t really describe it. It’s like he was an adult from the start in a baby body. I still cannot believe he is real and all mine forever and always. I’ve never felt a love like the love I have for Mase and being a Mother is the absolute best thing hands down that ever happened to me. HAPPY 11 MONTHS MASON!! I love you more than life itself.

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be kind in your heart.















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