Socks & Peacocks

Mason is at the point where he is like, “No shoes? No problem!” And by the time I actually get them on between his kicks and squirms, they are right back off again. So socks it is. He is lucky it’s transitioning into summertime where shoes are overrated anyway. We took a trip to the zoo today and Mase absolutely loved it, and so did I. I’m such a sucker for wildlife, and wild life. Well, I used to be wild. Now I tamed it down just a weeee bit for the sake of motherhood. The jaguars and mountain lions are so dang gorgeous and the pigs and hogs are so smelly and huge and all I can think of is how many pounds of yummy bacon they would be. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s true. The aquarium in the zoo was awesome with the tiger sharks and finding nemo fish and let’s just say I think I had more fun than Mase. Another thing I concluded from today’s trip was that bison are the ugliest animals I have ever seen and kangaroos makeup are quite awkward. As we were taking a stroll past the monkeys, we made a little friend. Yup the one you see in the pictures. This peacock was strutting her stuff and was absolutely gorgeous. We whipped out the camera and basically if the thing could talk, I imagined it would say it’s ready for it’s close up. She loved posing because she didn’t spread her feathers which means she would have felt threatened. Also, this thing was not supposed to be out of the cage where it came from so I don’t even know if the zookeepers knew it escaped. The colors were so vibrant and inspired me in so many ways. Nature is so glorious minus bison.








Sunnies: RayBan
Dress: Free People
Booties: Forever21
All jewelry: c/o Trashy Chic

Hat & Socks: Ralph Lauren
Shirt & Shorts: c/o Carter’s via Glow Healthy


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