Kidnapping Mama

My Mother has summers off so I actually kidnapped her for this post. I love having her on my blog because she is so easy on the eye and just a delight to my life. I love her more than anything in the world and I could only hope to high heavens that I look like her when I am her age. People always ask if we are sisters, I just always hope I at least look like the younger one! Ha! She had five kids and is just so effortlessly amazing. I love to see my mother as much as I possibly can. She is always telling me not to drink, to stay out of the sun, not to spray perfume on my clothes because it will stain them, moisturize my face in upward circular motions, don’t ever wear flat shoes, leave my nails unpolished at times so they can breathe, clean with lemons, eat in moderation, have a balance with everything in life, just because other people act a certain way, doesn’t mean I have to too, meaning always be the better person etc. And then she is constantly giving me advice on parenting and that is what I cherish the most because she had five kids that turned out successful in all aspects so she definitely knows what she is talking about. And sure, we argue too, what two people in any type of relationship don’t? She spends way too much time in stores, I’m the in and out person and have no patience for anything and she is constantly telling me to eat a granola bar or yogurt and I despise both. She saves old bananas for banana bread and I just throw them out and tells me not to donate my clothes to Salvation Army. Then we have our differences. I absolutely love to thrift shop, probably my most favorite thing in the world to do and she just can’t get herself to do it, I am an absolute neat freak and tells me it’s okay and inevitable if Mase makes a mess, she loathes reality TV and I love it (not ashamed to admit that). Then there are our similarities which is scary because we are so exactly alike in a lot of ways. I am a germophobe to the biggest extent because of her, like l need therapy for it. She has always taught me to never touch ANYTHING and whenever we got home from anything in my childhood right when we walked in the door it was, “wash your hands!!” She taught me to never share drinks, or sip out of someone’s straw, don’t share clothes because you don’t know what other people have, and most importantly do not share makeup. So now I am this girl basically afraid of the world, because of germs and it’s only getting worse. I will literally start to shake and have heart palpitations. I have chirophobia thanks to all of this. It just makes me come off as a rude person who won’t shake your hand or let you have a sip of my drink and when my friends ask me to borrow my clothes, I’m like “no” flat out. If I let you borrow something, it’s yours. I have all of these problems but yet when it comes to my love of thrifting, all my germ problems go away with one cycle of Sanitize in the washing machine. Yes, I am weird and there is no debate there. Well this is a blog and that’s what happens when I start to type I just think of all this stuff and get it down on World Wide Web status. Oh and my thoughts on that? That’s for another day. Mom if you read this, sorry if I said anything bad. Love you Boo!
This is the type of outfit I feel most comfortable in. A romper that requires no thinking. Blondes don’t like to think too much, kidding not really. I just added a kimono which then again took off because it’s hot again and a pair of booties. I actually have a serious case of dry heels so I don’t want anyone seeing that. For Mase, I actually bought these skinny jeans for him in the baby girl section. Girl skinnies are way skinnier than boy skinnies. This is an observation I have made since being a mother. Another thing my mother told me, not to shop in the girl section for Mase but these look unisex to me!















Romper: Zenana Outfitters (gift)
Kimono: c/o Böhme
Booties: Sam Edelman
Bag: Mossimo
Hat: Baby Gap (gift)
Tank: Cherokee (gift)
Pants: OshKosh (girls)
Shoes: Ralph Lauren (gift)


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