Sunday Showerz

Literally. I just showered and am going to share what I use on my hair with you. I usually don’t do posts like these but there’s a first time for everything. Plus, Mase is napping which means I have like three hours to myself. I have had some of my fellow blondie readers email and ask me in the past what I use. I never answered well, until now! I absolutely hate showering by the way and I think because it has to be done everyday. I don’t like HAVING to be forced to do something. I wish I never had to shower but then I would smell like a jar of Vlassic pickles so anyway I’ll save you the horrid details! Also, I wash my hair about once every week. I know many people have their own opinions on this, but it doesn’t get greasy or oily so when in Rome! Also, my hair looks THE BEST when it is the dirtiest. My hair is an ash blonde so I have to use all violet everything so I do not get a brassy tone. Being a blonde does require thinking and is hard work, contrary to popular belief. And may I add so much maintenance. But it’s so worth it because I love being it. With that being said let’s get started! For starters, I shampoo with Matrix So Silver. This stuff dyes my hands purple everytime I use it and it’s so worth it. I absolutely love it. I condition with Catwalk by Tigi Fashionista. If you like having silky hair that smells edible, I highly recommend this. It is a huge bottle equipped with a pump so it’s also really convenient. You don’t even need to lift it! Haha. I usually leave this on my hair for about 10 minutes while I do all my other stuff (wash my face, shave, body wash, try to sing). Then, my newest member to my hair fam is this amazing Blonde Idol by Redken. Redken came out with this heaven in a bottle about two months ago and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten my hands on it until recently. I dyed my hair lavender yesterday and since it only lasts about a week, this will help keep the tone. My hair already faded drastically because I HAD to wash it due to syrup getting in it, and I used it for the first time and now it is the most awesome shade of purple. There is a dial and you can choose the darkness amount of purple you want in your hair. Redken never disappoints and it is worth every single penny. I can care less if I don’t have the best outfit on that day, or if my makeup looks like shit or my eyelashes are going through a shitty stage, AS LONG AS MY HAIR LOOKS GOOD, that’s all that matters. I’m sure a lot of women would agree. Well I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Sundaze!





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