Monday MAC Must-Haves

I had so much fun doing a beauty/product post yesterday, so I decided I wanted to do another one today. I am a huge MAC Cosmetics fan so usually I just do a quick makeup routine with some of their great products as follows:
1. Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation – This foundation has SPF which is crucial for me because I don’t want wrinkles or anymore freckles! I know both are inevitable, but doesn’t hurt to prolong the process. I love this foundation because although I love a matte finish on my face, I love a dewey look for the summer, so it gives me more of a youthful vibe and feel without actually being greasy or oily. I usually apply this with my fingers or a foundation brush. That all determines the amount of time I have.
2. Painterly – I apply this all over my eyelids via ring finger to prevent my eyeliner from smearing and eyeshadow from creasing.
3. Carbon Black Eyeshadow (as eyeliner) – I use this for the most perfect wing tip/cat eye look. I apply it with a small angle brush to get my look accurate and on point, literally.
4. Mascara – Everyone always thinks my eyelashes are fake or that I have extensions. I don’t have fake eyelashes or extensions. Anyone who knows me knows I have had these bad boys since birth and this mascara just accentuates them. Sometimes I make them look like spider legs on my face which I absolutely love thick and clumpy lashes or I make them fan out to a more natural look. But let’s be serious, my lashes never look ‘natural’ because they are so gosh darn long! I love it because it saves money on me never having to buy fake eyelashes or go through that glue and stickiness or whatever else goes on in applying them.
5. Lip Liner – Etcetera is great because it is almost like a nude so I apply it before my lipstick to make my lips appear larger. I don’t know if it works but I make believe it does!
6. Lipstick – I have so many different shades and this isn’t even half of them. I usually color coordinate my lipstick to my outfits or whatever color I am feeling that day. Here are some of my favorites in order from left to right (via pictured):
Pink Pigeon
Honey Love
And the last but not least is from years and years ago from a line where MAC collaborated with Heatherette, Melrose Mood.










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