Be You

My Aunt flew in from Ohio yesterday looking super cute in her maxi dress. Of course I complimented her right away and before I could even finish she said I am embarrassed to tell you where I got it from. She went on to say she went to Target for a couple things (non-clothing related) and she saw this dress. She said she went to Macy’s, Nordstrom etc. and nowhere had one she liked until boom, Target. I said listen, I shop at Target all the time. It isn’t embarrassing but for most girls it is until John Varvatos, Philip Lim and Isaac Mizrahi hit the shelves. I was right there still buying Xhilaration and Mossimo. If you are a shallow person and that is your mindset, then fine. But if you like it, OWN IT. I don’t need Moshino or Givenchy to feel good about myself. Number one, that comes from within. I find a lot of stuff that I absolutely love from H&M and Forever21. I also make it a point to go thrifting at least twice a month. That doesn’t mean I’m poor, it just means maybe I will find an item someone was able to snatch up before me or even before my time. And believe me, I know thrifting isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. It’s sad that society judges any and everyone and no one should be ashamed of what they have or where they got it from. I know people love to flash their expensive material items and it’s fine, we all have them but at the end of the day does it really make you a better person? No. Does it make you more stylish? Maybe, but most of the time people are just wearing something because of the name. Hence: Michael Kors. Every girl and their mother wears it because it is designer yet still affordable and it has become so mainstream. To me, that isn’t fashion, and that is my opinion which I am very much entitled to. I know I rambling but what I am trying to say is if you like something and it is from KMart, or Target don’t be scared to buy it because someone else won’t like it or because it’s embarrassing. Really, who cares? I have this blog and I wear clothes from cheap stores all the time and put it out there for the world to see. Think I’m embarrassed? Not one bit. I actually feel great because I didn’t break the bank trying to put together an outfit. Everyone is different and everyone should embrace it because we are all unique. No one is better than anyone. This also goes hand in hand with all these people on diets all the time. If that pizza makes you feel good, EAT IT! That’s why it is called comfort food because if makes you feel good. I’m not saying, eat like shit, but as long as you are healthy, you can afford to have ice cream when you crave it. I always tell my one girlfriend who diets nonstop to be on a Liveit. Just Live. Who cares if you don’t have washboard abs or are not a gym rat. As long as you have a good heart, it will shine from within and you will look amazing no matter what. And if you want to post a selfie, do it! BE YOU!!!
So, here is my CHEAP outfit that didn’t break my wallet and it’s comfortable and that’s all that matters to me on a Monday:







Sunnies: RayBan
Bag: H&M
Tee: c/o Old Navy via Glow Healthy
Skirt: XOXO
Boots: Forever21
NJ Necklace: c/o Freshy Fig
M&A Necklace: c/o Hip Honey Bee
Watch: Movado (gift)
Black & Gold bracelet: BCBG


10 thoughts on “Be You

  1. Girl, preach!! I love thrifting- you can find so many good and unique things! (I found a Louis Vuitton blazer for $20 once). I think people focus too much on labels, but it doesn’t matter what something looks like as long as you love it! (I have the same opinion about MK too- sometimes it’s better to be your own person and not do what everyone else is doing.)

  2. Got halfway through this article and clicked the Follow button. PERFECTION. I’m a Target girl through and through. More people need to have this mindset!!

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