Sunken Sails

This morning, Mase and I took a stroll along the water. It is so beautiful and really makes you stop and take some deep breaths. We saw the commuters doing the hustle and bustle, ladies running in heels, men with their ties flying in the wind all to catch the ferry. Then there were the ones waiting in line on their phones, totally oblivious to their surroundings, to the world. And that, is my biggest fear. Being on social media, checking my tweets, scrolling through my Instagram, searching Google, and missing out precious moments of Mase. I don’t ever want to look back and regret me being on my phone in lieu of spending time with my son. And listen, we are all guilty of it, being so wrapped up in our phones that we can literally miss these life moments. And if you don’t believe me, just open your eyes. Almost everyone is on their phones and it’s like second nature. So I have decided to not be on my phone while I am with Mase, or while he is awake. He is sleeping now hence this blog post. That is my new rule, let’s just call it an early New Years resolution.
The leaves are starting to change color and drop to the ground which makes them crinkle under our feet as we walk, the water is as green as ever but the sound it makes crashing against shore is surely one that can put someone to sleep. It’s so serene here. Boats rocking back and forth, maybe some even too hard, seeing as three have sunk. Sunken sails are such a mystery to me. I wonder why their owners just leave them for neglect. Geese waiting for someone to drop a cracker, dog walkers and joggers running like the wind and nannies playing with babies. The sun reflecting off the water making it glisten and some buildings blinding. It’s just all too much beauty. This is Tuesday.










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