Wednesday’s We Wear White

My life has been a constant cycle between three men lately: Thomas, Elmo & Mickey. I know, sounded way more scandolous than it actually is. Thomas is Masons favorite so I decided to take him to the track to see a real train. I already took him to Disney to see Mickey back in April, so I guess next its Sesame Street! It’s funny because before Mason, my three men were Jim, Jack & Jose and now I’m speaking of characters that aren’t even real. Crazy how time changes everything, and boy I’m glad it did. This kid is the light of my life. 

I decided to blog again sporadically whenever I have the time because I enjoy getting dressed everyday and doing my hair and makeup. I guess I am girly and that’s okay. I feel as if so many people are trying to be perfect these days and not be  “basic”. Well I don’t really know who is judging or who even gives them the right to, but I am just being me. I don’t care if my eyebrows are “on fleek” (whatever that means) or if I’m skinny or pretty enough. At the end of the day I have one job, and that is to be Mason’s Mother so that is really all I care about. I am happy to blog so that’s why I do it and I enjoy reading other blogs. Also, getting your thoughts down on paper (or WWW), can be very therapeutic. And adding outfit details, well that’s just an awesome plus side of “lifestyle blogging” because that is what I am into. So I am not here trying to be perfect, I’m just having fun and documenting my journey on earth with Mason. And the clothes we wore! Did I mention that blogging takes my mind off wanting to eat every second?

I hope you enjoy and I am happy to be back at it (insert thumbs up emoji here).


Sunnies: RayBan (Erika) 

Dress: Forever21

Sandals: Mossimo (Target)


Shirt: The Children’s Place

Pants: Carter’s 

Sneakers: H&M 


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