Can’t ComPlane. 

Mason is such a little man. He is so into cars and trucks and trains and planes. I decided to take him to a little local airport and the guy saw us taking pictures by the fence and of course he said, come onto the runway and take a look at all of the planes. So we did and Mason was in aviation heaven! 

I decided to match our clothes because since I’m always with him or carrying him, I don’t like to clash. Maybe when he is 18 I will stop but until then we will match the best I can everyday (yea right). I wear this dress way too much and it’s my go-to and probably the best money I ever spent but it is so comfortable and I know that always my excuse but it’s true (huge run-on). As long as it’s out of the laundry and hanging in my closet, I always go right to it. I seldom wear it with heels and usually ankle gladiator sandals. Which brings me to my next topic, these Floggs. If you have never owned a pair, it’s probably time you go out and get some. These shoes are better than sneakers and it’s like walking on a marshmallow that just keeps ‘refluffing’ itself. It’s like a mini foam paradise for your feet. Wearing heels is no easy task when running after an adventurous little boy so thank God I found these. I can run anywhere in these gems. 


Dress: Free People

Shoes: Floggs

Bracelet: UNO de 50

Sunglasses: RayBan

Bag: Mossimo


Tee: Cherokee

Shorts & Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren


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