Purple & Pink

Usually I am dressed in all black so I figured I would throw in a pop of purple, and for Mase, pink. The hot pink really accentuated his little tanned skin and it was a first for him ever wearing that color. Of course it is now covered in chocolate and dirt so that may be the end of it. It’s nearly impossible to get Mase to pose with me for a picture lately, unless I bribe him with a train ride or something. He would rather explore outside and I don’t blame him. But anyway, moving on! I wanted to address something. My friend asked the other day if I had a bad spray tan because my arm is uneven. I kid you not, this discoloration happened in April at the first sight of sun (it was a long winter). I applied Mason’s 50 SPF Banana Boat stick all over my body because I hadn’t bought any tanning lotions yet. I missed a spot and got burned in said spot and is now like a long trianglular looking shape down my arm. I have been tanning in the sun when it’s out every chance I get trying to get rid of it. It’s been months now and it just won’t even out! So it isn’t a botched spray tan job and I wish it was because then it would fade after a week. So in case you were wondering! Or if you haven’t noticed it I probably shouldn’t have said anything but that’s the story!

Tank: Vintage Havana

Necklace & Bag: H&M

Sandals: Franco Sarto


Top: The Children’s Place

Pants: Carter’s 

Sneakers: H&M


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