Blizzard Belly 

I think it’s safe to say most New Years resolutions of losing weight and working out all went out the window this weekend for the blizzard. Okay well, I know mine did. I literally sat on the couch all day and ate, a lot. Please tell me I was not the only one experiencing this. I wish I could say Mason and I did arts and crafts all day and made being stuck in the house useful, but that would be a lie. That kid was my right hand man in the whole blizzard belly process. We ate and went crazy together! Today’s the day to get back on track and get on the track for a run. I know my past couple outfits have been athleisure but that’s what my life has been lately, more “leisure” than “ath” though (let’s be serious)! 

Ps. Snow is super blinding even when the sun is not out hence the squinty eyeballs in my pics.

Hat, tank, pants, sneakers: Nike

Jacket: Turo by Vince Camuto


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