Sweats aren’t just for Sweating

Anytime I go shopping I try to make sure the pieces I buy are versatile and can be worn with heels or sneakers. More bang for my buck! Both pieces shown here can easily be worn with both. Of course I chose the latter because when you’re a mom running after a toddler that is basically an energizer bunny, that’s just what you do! But let me just tell you where I got these joggers. K-Mart. That’s right. You read that correctly. Now before you go judging me, I was there to check out Jillian Michaels workout line, Impact. I’m a huge fan of Jillian and have been for YEARS. However, not a fan of her workout line. Just not my style. Throughout this disappointing process, I stumbled upon Adam Levines collection. I thought this guy was a singer and a judge on The Voice, but somehow I am dumbfounded at the fact that he dabbled in clothing as well. As I was browsing I kind of fell in love with a lot of the pieces. Not to mention, dirt cheap. Everything is in the $20-40 range and for something you will probably wear once, it was worth it. For me at least. I purchased these joggers and wound up wearing them over and over again and they still hold their shape and elasticity. So for cheap K-Mart pants, I’m actually really impressed. They don’t stretch out in the knees and give that baggy look and also don’t make you look like you have a saggy butt (which most joggers do). As for my shirt, this wasn’t a cheapo from K-Mart but not like that matters anyway. What matters is that it is almost like if a sweatshirt and sweater had a baby. So comfortable but has a faux leather detail underneath the side zipper by the neck. Dress it up or down, that’s my jam.

Glasses: RayBan

Top: Olivaceous

Pant: Adam Levine

Shoe: Bettye Muller


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