Over the Knee

Recently I read a blog post that said “In 2016, over the knee boots must die”. It inspired me to break out my boots for this post. I mean who doesn’t love to let out their inner stripper? Just kidding. They aren’t just for strippers anymore! Kidding again. But seriously. These boots are the perfect fix for winter legs. And by winter legs I mean white and haven’t seen the sun in months. They are the best solution for not having to wear tights, and believe me I hate tights. I’ll never forget way back when, when my mother still dressed me she put out tights for me to wear and I just sat there and cried. Haven’t been a fan since. Unless they are black opaque tights. No sheer, no nude, no thanks. Back to the boots, moral of my post is no, they shouldn’t die. They serve great purpose and look great with many outfits. Style isn’t about what trend should ‘die’ (despise that word) and which one should resurrect. To me, it’s about wearing whatever you feel that day and looking damn good while doing it. I’m a total chameleon. One day I am donning the threads of a 90s chick, the next I am bohemian and then channeling my inner boy. This may or may not have something to do with my non-diagnosis of ADD. Okay going off on a tangent. Speaking of tangents, I know I have many run-on sentences so yes I’m aware. It’s when you have so many thoughts consuming your brain and instead of writer block it’s like writers diarrhea. Okay this is getting gross and on that note, Happy Friday!

Choker: DIY

Dress: Bethany Mota

Bag: H&M (old)



4 thoughts on “Over the Knee

  1. you look amazing! over the knee boots are there to stay šŸ˜‰
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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