Good Times

Good Times is what we have and strive for day in and day out. Tribe is Alive let’s us express that today through Mase’s adorable little t-shirt. It may be the best collaboration we have ever done because they sent candy as well. If anyone knows the key to Mason’s (or any toddler and most adults) hearts, it’s candy. That was an added plus for us. I mean, I love any food and I will eat anything. It never ceases to put a smile on my face (and an extra pound around my waist)! Anyway, we try to make the most of our days, even when the weathers gray. When there is snow on the ground, there are still adventures to be found. This is all part of toddler life. It is always energenic and never a dull moment. Constantly on the go or on the couch watching kids tv shows. Either way, Mason is always the greatest part of my day. Motherhood is Good Times. 


Hat: Five Below

Thermal: Carters 

Shirt c/o: Tribe is Alive

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger


Hat: Nike

Sweater: Forever21

Denim shirt: Signature8

Pants (holes diy)


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