South Beach Miami

I haven’t been to Miami since Winter Music Conference 2009. Let’s just say, I didn’t remember much. Fast forward to Vday 2016, I had some flashbacks. I remember how they hounded you on Ocean Drive to eat at their restaurants, I remembered the most gorgeous blue sky to match the breathtaking blue water, I remembered the bums on every corner begging for coins, I remembered how much freakin fun Miami was! The palm trees (my favorite thing in the world besides Mason), the never ending flow of drinks, the sand under my toes, the wind at my back, my man holding my hand, it was quite Romantic. Just Andrew and I. I must admit though, we left Masey boy with Andrews Dad and Stepmom and I was a basketcase leaving him. Not because I don’t trust them, I 100% do, but because I just knew he was out of any and all of my control. From this moment on, I couldn’t protect him the best way that I could and do. I know he was in amazing hands but I was missing him so bad and crying like a baby when I left him. It’s never easy leaving your child and I don’t know how celebrities do it all the time for work, or even people who travel the world for work. Or even people who work all day long and only see their babies first thing in morning and then after work. I guess because I am a stay at home Mom, and since I am always with him, it’s the hardest thing ever when you have to. What up preschool! I was more of a baby than Mason. He was like, “bye mommy I’ll see you later” haha he loves being with his grandma and pop. Well anyway, Andrew and I wound up having a great time but after day 1, we realized we were getting old and can’t “hang” like we used to and cut the trip a day short. Yes, our two day getaway to Miami we decided to make one day. We couldn’t wait to get back to Mason, (Andrews dad lives 2 hours from Miami).

When we got to Miami our hotel room was not yet ready so we went for breakfast and drinks (bloody Mary for me, mimosa & eggs Benedict for Andrew). I kept it liquid, I was in Miami and missing my baby so I needed something to ease my pain! Vodka it was. We got a call about 40 minutes in saying our room was ready. We quickly got the check and went up to the room to change for church. Yes, church. I was hesitant at first because this whole church thing was Andrews idea but I figured, relationships are about compromise, so that’s just what I did. We arrived at Vous Chruch which is in Wynwood, the Art District. We step inside Chruch and it is pitch black with loud music and strobe lights, almost like a club! A club of Jesus, the preacher, Rich Wilkinson of reality tv show “Rich in Faith” aka the man who married Kim and Kanye. He and his wife were the most inspirational, cutest, funniest, emotional couple I have ever seen in my life. I couldn’t get enough of them. Not to mention, they were both gorgeous! We left the church feeling so inspired and then we made it to Wynwood Walls. Talk about inspiring again. The art, the colors, it made you feel something, something extraordinary. We were baking in the sun so we decided to head back and walk Ocean Drive. Now we were pretty much burnt like bacon and headed up to our hotel rooftop pool. We had a couple of drinks and relaxed, I read my new Bible! Who goes to south beach to pray and read Bibles? I guess I do! After basking in the sun we headed back to Ocean Drive for a couple beers and tacos from Kantina and then went back to our room to get ready for our 9:30 dinner reservations. To actually get to hold hands with Andrew and not have to entertain a two year old and rush your meal was quite enjoyable! After dinner, we were exhausted. We were going to go to LIV at Fountainbleu and we just threw in the towel. We realized we were old parents now haha! Next morning we went to breakfast at News Cafe, walked the beach then drove back home, Melbourne. I saw my baby after one whole day and was as happy as a pig in mud! 



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