I have succumbed to the hashtag revolution and it’s safe to say my favorite is #MCM (man crush Monday). Of course, my pick is Masey boy. He steals my heart every gosh darn day without fail. He is as smart as a whip, hysterical and so gorgeous. We have been spending our days playing at the park, going on lunch dates, making sandcastles and jumping in “muddy puddles”, aka wet sand at the beach. He loves Peppa Pig and apparently Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles at the beach. Everything this child does is everything Peppa and her brother George do. Mason now loves strawberry ice cream because Peppa loves strawberry ice cream. He also says pounds instead of dollars when talking about how much something costs. I kid you not. He is too funny. Although we are no longer in Miami, Andrew and I got Masey boy this little tank which looks like a longline on him and adds a much cooler vibe. He is wearing Daddies hat via his request and we went exploring in Downtown Melbourne. Mason ripped apart some palm trees, picked me flowers and collected rocks, one for me, him and Grandma Rose. He is a sweetheart like his Daddy, always thinking of the ladies in his life. We then shared French fries and lemonade at Mustard’s Last Stand, a famous hot dog place here in Melbourne. We miss our family back in NJ but we sure are soaking up every last bit of Florida’s amazing weather and everything else it has to offer. Tomorrow it’s off to Disney! 

Hat: Nike

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger



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