Leap Monday

I love Mondays especially when they are an “extra” day that we aren’t entitled to every year. Leap year is like a bonus day. Now that I’m back from vacay it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Clean eating, detoxing all that alcohol I drank and working my butt off. So I’m about to go for a jog seeing as it was just raining and now the Sun is shining. Got to love bipolar weather. I hope everyday is as great as you all are, and I don’t know why but I’m just in the happiest mood today. Maybe it’s being back home, nothing like being home. Hope you enjoy my athleisure, easiest clothing in the world to wear and I’m obsessed, all links below. I must say my leggings are not workout gear but I sure as hell turned them into just that. Also I just purchased these sneakers yesterday and they are already one of my favorites. So comfortable and sleek enough for everyday wear or actual workouts, win/win!

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