Future Mr. Right

Boy oh boy are we missing Florida! The Palm trees, the weather, playing outside and no bundling up required! These pictures were taken last week in Melbourne, warmer days to say the least. This little dude right here kept me up all night last night. He slept in my bed and wanted a bottle of milk every two hours! He chugs milk like cows are going out of style and is on a huge milk kick. He goes through phases and some days he hates milk and others he loves it. Last night, he couldn’t get enough. Which means I got zero sleep, he kicked me all night and took up my entire bed. Seems like he grows into a full grown human at night. He sleeps sprawled out and I have like, two inches, if that! On my own bed! Today we took it easy because of course I woke up grouchy, and I was wondering if any other Mother goes through this! I literally had to do a face mask because the bags under my eyes were bigger than planet earth. Fellow Mama’s, how do you get your child in their own bed?! It was cool when he was little and I didn’t even know he was there, now he is huge and a bed hog and is hindering my sleep. On a more positive note, tonight my best friend is coming over and we will celebrate her moving into her new apartment and I couldn’t be happier for her! I am looking forward to some wine and girl talk with my best. Hope you all have a great weekend and sorry if I complained too much in this post, I’m just desperate for some real zzz ‘s!!! 


Hat: Nike (Daddies)

Shirt/sneakers: Walmart (sold out)

Jeans: Polo by Ralph Lauren


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