Saturday Style

There aren’t too many Saturday’s that aren’t amazing, no work, no school, no stress. Just Saturday! First I want to start off by saying congratulations to my best friend who just signed a lease on a new apartment today, a couple blocks down the road from me! If that isn’t a dream come true then I don’t know what is! 

I get all of my outfit ideas either late at night when I can’t sleep, or in the shower. So weird! If it doesn’t come to me at either of those times, I know I will be putting everything together in my wardrobe and making my room a disaster zone. That’s the worst. Then eventually I tell Andrew I have no clothes and he rolls his eyes and tells me I’m crazy. Those days suck! Nothing worse than not knowing what to wear. Today I was feeling so Tomboyish. I love dressing like a boy, so easy and carefree. And speaking of boys, my Yankee Jacket is boys youth size small, hence why the sleeves are 3 quarter lengths on my arms. Yikes! I scored it at a garage sale last summer for $4. Of course I talked them down a dollar from their original $5 price. Haha that was all I could do with my impeccable negotiation skills or lack thereof. I also figured I could give it to Mase once he gets a little bigger. I’m sure he will be a Yankee fan, right? I had to girly it up a little so I paired high rise jeans with a crop top would be the perfect touch. Also, my beanie is The Roosevelts, check out their blog and store, extremely entertaining and fellow locals of NJ! Have a great weekend everyone! 

Beanie: c/o The Roosevelts

Top: Love Ady

Jacket: Garage sale buy

Jeans: BDG 

Watch: Movado 


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