The pictures below were taken in Wynwood, Miami almost about a month ago. The sun was shining bright and my eyes were all squinty from the light. I saw this wall and had to take pictures in front of it. Perfect backdrop. Everywhere you look in Wynwood there is art! Graffiti, paintings, sculptures, drawings, you name it. It is absolutely effin amazing. The vibe is so energetic and creative. This was my church outfit for that day and wasn’t even meant for a blog post but hey, when in Rome, or Miami! The weather that day was exquisite, kind of like today.

I absolutely love the outfit I am wearing here and it’s the perfect color for spring. Here, I wore it with black booties but I also would love to try it with my beige suede over the knee boots before winter is officially over. Maybe I will try that look and put it on the blog as well. I don’t think I have ever repeated an outfit on here but there is a first time for everything. And yes, I’m aware I’ve repeated these shoes, sunglasses and jacket. I’m obsessed with these sunglasses and I own so many pairs but they are my favorite and most comfortable. Some sunnies give me a headache or slide down my nose. Hate that. Never had a problem with these!! 

Hope you all have a happy hump day! Don’t forget to follow me on snapchat: yourfavwhitegal to witness my obscenities and follow me on Instagram

Booties: Forever21 (old) Similar/better version here


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