Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. 

This beautiful babe is stealing the show today on my blog. He wasn’t acting right for a couple of days and two 103.7 fevers later, I took him to the doctor. I dread the doctor only because I don’t want to go and pick up any other sickness! However I do want to get my kid back to 100% so sommetimes it’s inevitable. We discovered that Mason had a minor ear infection in one ear and that it was clearing up on its own! No antibiotics needed, thank God. If you have a child, you know the battle trying to force medicine down their throat. Not fun. It was pretty scary because although the first two nights he had over 103 degree fevers, the next two nights his temperature significantly dropped to 94 degrees. This has happened in the past and we rushed him to the ER, and it was hypothermia but this time the doc said a drop in temp is normal during an ear infection. In conclusion, he is totally back to normal and I’m so happy because nothing is worse than a sick baby. I feel so helpless as a Mother and the last thing I ever want to do is give my child medicine so I’m glad I didn’t have to this time. As soon as he was back to himself we received this cute little tank in the mail and it couldn’t have described him better. After all, all he does is eat, sleep, play, repeat, like most toddlers. Although, sometimes he fights the sleeping part. I know this tank will be on repeat this summer and spring because I think it’s absolutely adorable and it also came with these harem pants. I think harem pants on a toddler are just adorable, and I think they are a good look for anyone! They are drop crotch and so comfortable yet hip at the same time. I, myself own many. They are also great for working out. As for toddlers, anything in mini form I swoon over. Baby sneakers? Hello! It’s still pretty chilly out but I will definitely pair this tank with a cardigan in the future. The best part about Mason’s outfit is that these pieces are both on sale at Bobby G. I love a good sale especially for babies/toddlers because they grow out of the clothing super fast. And who am I kidding I love a sale for myself as well. Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!

Sweatshirt: Carter’s

Tank: c/o Bobby G.

Pants: c/o Bobby G.



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