Happy Birthday Vans!

Happy Birthday Vans, since 1966. I figured I’d celebrate by busting these bad boys off my shoe wall and by eating chocolate chip cookies. I couldn’t help myself. Vans have to be the most comfortable sneaker out there. I don’t know why I don’t wear them more often, I probably should! Today I let out my inner boy. I had on a cute bohemian outfit and was just like, nah. Not today. So glad I changed into this comfortable jeans/tank/coach jacket. Andrew bought this coaches jacket for me in three different colors at a flea market last weekend. Total money spent: $3. Some of the buttons came off but that’s okay! They were brand new, tags still attached so I was happy as a pig in mud. I love a good flea find or thrift. Ps. I look so pissed in that b&w picture. I promise you I am happy. I don’t know why I look so pissy in photos, I think it’s just my face. Happy Humpday!

Tank: Forever21 (old)

Pants: BDG 



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