When the wind is not your friend. I despise wind. Gets my hair stuck in my lip gloss and eyelashes. This was the problem with these pictures today. The wind was blowing my hair in N/S/E/W and every direction in between! Okay, well anyway it’s Friday so no complaints! Andrew and I are going away for the weekend, just to two of us. I cannot wait to just kick back with some good friends, some good drinks and my babe. Of course I will be missing Mason but he will be in great hands! Ones that I know will be feeding him lots of things I wouldn’t approve of like candy and marshmallows but that’s what Aunties do right? 

So I was feeling super white today. Not as in race, but in mood, color. I miss wearing white and although I felt a little like a waitress at Cheesecake Factory, I was actually loving it. The only problem with white is somehow I turn into a toddler and become the messiest person on the planet. Whenever I wear it I kid you not, I get stains on me. Just recently I wore a white shirt at a restaurant and balsamic vinager splashed from plate to mouth right on my chest. Good thing my hair is long because I was able to cover it right up. (I probably blogged about that, can’t remember). So if you don’t have a handy dandy Tide pen with you at all times, and I don’t, I had to come up with a solution one day. I looked down at my pants and realized I had some stains, looked like makeup. Maybe I touched my face then rubbed my hands on my legs, who knows. I didn’t want to get rid of these pants because I absolutely love them and they are my staple white jeans. I made holes in the spots where the stains were and viola, DIY distress hole success! I actually think the jeans look a lot cuter with the holes now that I made them like that. I just wonder how many more holes will be in them after I wear them today and every other time. Also, being in white is tough around a toddler, their hands are always sticky or covered in marker, crayon, peanut butter, whatever you get the point! 

This white Ralph Lauren sweatshirt I got at a flea market for $5. It was oversized and throwback so I immediately fell in love. I would shop at a flea market all day everyday if I could. The anticipation of what you may find is so exciting. My white converse aren’t so white anymore, I spilled ginger dressing on them the first day I bought them. I’m telling you, me and white don’t mix but I will still go through the challenges just to wear it because I love it so much. Well, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Xx. 



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