My heart goes to Brussels

First off, I would like to say my heart goes out to Brussels. I can only hope and wish and pray for better days. I can’t imagine the families of loved ones that were taken as angels today. 

Every morning, I wake up and drink my coffee that Andrew leaves for me on the counter before he goes to work. I then make my way over to the couch and turn on the TV. Usually I surf from abc to nbc news until Mase wakes and this morning it said “Breaking News”. Right away my heart sunk and I texted everyone in my family. It is the scariest thing knowing that in such a beautiful universe, such ugly things can happen. It’s a sin we don’t all embrace this gift from God, that is life. After a while, the attacks were too much for me to stomach and I started making bacon. I know, sounds odd but it’s just what I did. I knew Mason would really appreciate that when he woke. It made me so scared because my brother works in NYC everyday and was going to be going on a plane today. My other brother travels for work what seems like every other day, if not almost everyday in huge cities. Just knowing this I was kind of freaking out in my mind but then it hit me – God has a plan for all of us and we are meant to be every second of our life exactly where we are. I then put all my Faith in that and went on with my day. That consisted of about three loads of laundry and cleaning paint off of every surface of my house. Mason got a new paint set so you can imagine what a toddler painting looks like! If you follow me on snapchat, you already know all of this. Either way, my heart breaks for all these attacks and I live so close to NYC and it’s just pretty scary ever since 9/11. But I really do have all my Faith in God because believe me, I have prayed to Him religiously for the past 7 years for everything. Especially when disgusting cancer hit my family and I still pray. It’s almost therapeutic putting my worries to God and leaving it at that. I used to never sleep because of all my worries. I didn’t sleep for about 4 months straight. I would cry my eyes out and go out of my mind, but God has proven to me every time that everything will be okay. After seeing the tragedy today I wanted to just keep Mase in the house, safe and hold him and cuddle him and love him and never let go. I still have food shopping that I have yet to tackle but I may just make reservations for dinner because I can’t even muster the energy to cook. I hope in the pictures below you can see the love between a Mother and her son, and know that she would do absolutely anything for him, because I so positively would. I hope everyone is blessed on this day and each day forward. Xx.


Shirt: Carter’s 

Pants: Ralph Lauren


Shirt: Free People (DIY crop)

Jeans: BDG 



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