Good Friday

I hope everyone has turned into a vegetarian today, just for the day! I haven’t eaten meat on a good Friday since I think I was born. Figures it’s the ONLY day I really crave meat because I know I can’t have it. 

Anywho, I have joined a gym with one of my best friends! Yay! No excuse not to go now. I feel like everyone always looks so serious in the gym. Why so SERIOUS? I love to laugh all the time and at the gym I feel like I have to put on my resting bitch face hardcore. This is my gym attire for today, I totally don’t put on hot pink lipstick ever for the gym but for blog pictures I felt I had too. I actually always look like dog poo at the gym and my friend always looks beautiful so I figured I’d actually try a little today. I know the gym is not the place for makeup, but everyday is a gift and we have to wrap it pretty, yes?! These pictures are not edited or anything so I’m sorry if they are bad quality but I have so much to do before dying easter eggs with my baby boy tonight! I hope you all have not just a Good Friday, but a Great Friday and God bless! Xx. 

Sunnies: Flea Market find 

Tank: Pink Victoria’s Secret

Leggings: Lululemon 

Sneakers: Adidas 

*no links to my outfit because everything is sold out! 


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