Last night I met one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever laid my eyes on. Lauren Conrad is her name, she used to be known as “LC” on Laguna Beach & The Hills. She looked so absolutely perfect that I was star struck. I’m never one to get star struck because I know celebrities are just humans, but I can tell you, she is not human. Why? Because she is perfect and there is just no such thing. From the way she blinked to the way she autographed the books was done with such svelt. As I was making my way up to meeting her I started to feel nervous. I didn’t know what I was going to say and knew that it would probably be awkward. Well, let’s start off by her complimenting ME! I couldn’t believe it. I was observing everyone before me and she simply said “how are you” to each fangirl. “Wow your hair is awesome”, were the words that came out of her mouth when she saw me and I followed up with, “mine? Look at yours!”. She started laughing and I then carried the conversation on by asking her how she gets her cat eye (eyeliner) so on point. She huffed and puffed and simply stated, “with a lot of practice, sometimes I have to try 10 times to get it right”. Here I was clouding my brain with, wow that was a dumb question! She obviously has a makeup artist, which brought me to my next statement of, “well duh your makeup artist probably does it!” She said, “no my makeup artist hates me because I always insist on doing it absolutely perfect”. I said well you are breathtaking and we went on taking the most awkward angle picture ever! I look like a whale and she looks like a tadpole. A beautiful tadpole. All I kept thinking was wow your husband is one lucky man! She thanked me for coming and after my friend and I went for a drink. We were both so stunned by her beauty and not only that, she has built an empire for herself and really is a talented soul with all the charity she does and what not. She was so delicate, like a flower, not like anyone I have ever met before. I know I sound obsessive, and I was never obsessed with her but I think I am now. Please don’t mind the pictures, they are quite horrible of me but just perfect of her. Can’t wait to crack open her book, Celebrate! 




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