Shoes for a Buck

There’s no shame in my game when I say I love a good bargain. Who doesn’t like a bargain? Kmart is currently having a buy one get one for a $1 shoes. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity and scored these hot little numbers. They are a stylish flat sneaker. I love the faux leather detail occupying the toe and the sweet side zipper to add extra flare. So even if they fall apart in a month, I won’t really care. They were a dollar. They have them in an adorable light pink as well imitating snake skin which I may pick up next for an extra spring shoe. For the first pair, Andrew got a pair of workboots which is how I found out about this killer deal. I mean, it’s Kmart, so there will not be a lot of options. But I honestly feel like I made these work and it’s all about your own personal style to make something good look great. They are surprisingly comfortable too which is always a plus. 

Sunnies: Farmers Market find 

SweatshirtHere & Here
Pants: BDG



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