Moto Mama

No better way to spice up an outfit by adding a Moto jacket. From sweats (modern fit), a floral dress, or just jeans and a tee, you can never go wrong adding a Moto jacket. Gives every outfit that extra oomph. This is easily my Momiform, so comfy and SIMPLE. I don’t care what anyone says but that’s what every mom needs and wants. Keeping it short and sweet today because it’s Monday, rainy and as you can see I am very casual which these days goes along with exhausted. Ps I got these jeans at Forever21 for $7.90. Cannot wait to rip them and fill them with holes and distress! You cannot go wrong for that price, now I feel I should go back and get some more. Hope you all had an amazing weekend and great start to the week! 

Jacket: sold out more Here

Sneakers: Vans

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Earrings: Marc Jacobs


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