Pairing Basics

An outfit full of basics is so simple and will never go out of style. Denim jeans with a white button up shirt, booties and a Moto jacket. Everything I just stated is a staple in ones wardrobe (at least I’d hope) and when paired together, you get a classic outfit. Building a wardrobe is like building a home, you need a good foundation. A good foundation would consist of jeans that can always be a go-to and simple tees. Tanks, racerback, t-shirts, button-ups, sweater, sweatshirt, coats, capes and jackets. Then of course you would buy aforementioned staples in all different styles, textures, etc. This is how you would build a wardrobe. Everyday I change up my style so you couldn’t even put a specific name to my type of clothing other than chameleon. I have it all from vintage, tomboy, goth, emo, mod, classic, girly (although not too much girly), etc. I love a good garage sale but then you would catch me at Bloomingdale’s. It’s so odd. For today, I was feeling extremely flowy. I wanted to be able to breathe in my clothes and look good while doing it. So of course, I accesorized! I feel that is the icing on the cake when it comes to fashion. It can take any outfit from a zero to a hero. I promise this outfit would not be cute if I didn’t add gold jewelry, an edgy choker and a spike necklace. It draws the eye to your look and makes the glance worthwhile. These jeans I got distressed but made them a little more hole-y. (Not sure if that’s a word other than used in a church, i.e. Holy) They are bootcut, not boyfriend so they weren’t too baggy which would then offset my top. I’ve been trying to steer clear of baggy clothing but for some reason I am always drawn to it. I think it’s because you can literally eat whatever you want in it and eating is my life. Getting off that tangent while I’m ahead. So back to basics, it’s always a good idea and you won’t need to worry about looking ‘basic’, when you do it properly. Accesorize, add a bold lip and strut your stuff, if you want! The world is your oyster, be the hot sauce! 

Also, these pictures were taken in two different locations because I couldn’t resist the view! 

Sunnies: Farmers Market find

Jeans: J.Crew 

Leather & Booties: Forever21 

Choker: From when I was probably 12

Spike necklace: Banana Republic 

Watch: Movado

Rings & Bracelet

X Ring

Earrings: Marc Jacobs 


7 thoughts on “Pairing Basics

  1. so beautiful! i’m obsessed with your shoes and sunglasses 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. I love it! And where ever you are looks fantastic! P.S. I wanted to list you in my last post as a blog that’s caught my interest and deserves some attention.. but I just had so many that had very few followers so I thought I’d list them first. But I was thinking of your blog! Hope you understand!

  3. Hey! I just nominated you for a Leibster Award! This award is for up and coming bloggers who have under 500 followers! I think that you are making a fantastic start and you should definitely keep it up! Check out my blog and my most recent post for my nomination post and rules and questions you need to follow!

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