Gym Jam

Gym time means no makeup, hair not washed in about 4 days and not showered, yet. If you follow me on snap (yourfavwhitegal), you know I ate not one, not two, but three donuts in a row last night so it is time for the dreaded gym. The gym is one of those things, for me, I hate the thought of, but when I am there I like it. So this is my jam today to get my sweat on, everything I am wearing is a hammy down except my sneakers and sunglasses. My sister gave me the pants and shirt and I was like, score! I love the lines down these capris, providing a slimming effect. They also are compression so the ‘suckage’ is on point! I run on the treadmill in these bad boys and don’t even feel a jiggle! Okay I lied, I feel a little but that’s inevitable when you have thighs like mine. I am such an advocate for proper gym attire because it can really enhance your workout. Also, the dry fit helps keep the sweat at bay, which is another plus. So wish me luck, I always fear I’m going to fall off the treadmill like that Taylor Swift commercial.

Sunnies: flea market find 

Shirt: Old Navy

Capri: Gap

Sneakers: Adidas


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