Leather & Suede

I must say that whenever I get something sent to me from Lyssé, they never disappoint. From the feeling to the fit, to the style, this brand has it all. I feel so good when I am in their clothes and that is always a major for me. I can’t wear something I am not comfortable in. That is why I am in sweatshirts and sneakers most of the time. They sent me this jacket and right away I fell in love not only by just the look of it, but the soft suede feels good against my skin and there are drawstrings on the inside. So you can make a more baggy military look or hug your waist for more shape. Then when I put on these leggings, they suck you in like every other pair of Lyssé leggings I own! They really do feel like a second skin. Softer than a stick of butter. And speaking of butter, these are vegan so they do not come from a cow, like butter. So they are vegan approved! They are also machine washable which is a huge deal for me because I loathe going to the dry cleaners, that’s Andrews department, not mine (he gets literally everything dry cleaned). The high waist also makes these pants crop top friendly like I paired here. I love the boho edgy vibe and I think I may bring it back a little! Hope you enjoy today’s post and I highly recommend that if you want leggings that give you shape and comfort, check out Lyssé!

Sunnies: flea market find 

Top: H&M

Jacket: c/o Lyssé

Leggings: c/o Lyssé

Boots: Lucky Brand 


Beanie: c/o Zaibob 

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger


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