Mama & Mase Smoothie

If there is one thing I love as much as fashion, it is food. They may tie actually. I have a passion for both. I love clean eating and dirty eating, if you will. Today I thought I would switch it up a bit and share one of my smoothies. Usually I post them on Snap (yourfavwhitegal) everyday and I get tons of questions as to what goes in my smoothies. It really is just whatever I have in my fridge that day and throw it all together. That’s how I cook for everything, I never go by a recipe. Learned from my parents because neither did they! They always just threw stuff together. Now, I feel like my mother ONLY uses recipes so her cooking styles have changed a bit. Still delicious though! Okay so…..


•1/2 cup frozen peaches ( I freeze them so I don’t have to add ice) 

•1/2 avocado (don’t be scared, it’s a GREAT fat!)

•handful of spinach (vitamin A&C)

•handful green grapes

•1 scoop Greek yogurt (0% fat)

•1 scoop protein powder (chocolate)

•1 tsp. organic unsweetened coconut shreddings 

•1 tsp. flax 

•1 tsp. chia

•1 tsp. wheat germ (awesome source of folic acid)

•1 cup water (you can use whatever you want for liquid, milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut water, etc.)


Place all ingredients in blender, blend and enjoy! 



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