Bridal shower threads 

I wore this outfit below to a bridal shower yesterday. The bride to be is one of my beautiful friends since 6th grade. We have some of the best memories together and I was so happy to be apart of her very special day. Her friends are some of the funniest, sweetest girls I have ever met and all we did was laugh. And drink mimosas which I’m really paying for today. Let’s just say I needed grease and carbs for breakfast. Anyway, I am so looking forward to her wedding, I know it is going to be amazing, just like her. 

This shirt was an awesome find, so girly, usually out of my comfort zone but I loved the detailed rope in the lace. The blush color was perfect for spring so I had to have it. My skirt is old but I liked the pleat/vegan leather with lace crop top combo. My shoes are even older from Zara and every time I wear them I say to myself it’s probably time I throw them away but they keep on keeping on. They actually had buckles on the side which I cut off so it made it look like I had a new pair of shoes because I used to wear them so much. Sad, I know! I also put some pictures in from the shower, so you can see the gorgeous bride to be, Brianne. Happy Monday y’all! Wish I could write more but I think going back to bed is my best bet for now. 

Sunnies: Mom’s from back in the day!

Top: Sans Souci

Skirt: MADE Fashion Week for Impulse

Shoes: Zara 

Watch: Movado

Jewelry: The M Jewelers 


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