Perfectly Posh

Over the weekend I received these samples from Perfectly Posh and I tested them all out right away. I absolutely loved the fact that they are vegan, cruelty free, loaded with essential oils and naturally based. These are all huge for me! I don’t like to use chemicals on my skin and have been really going the all natural route when it comes to my skincare. As I get older, I can see the changes in my skin and I want to keep it as young and vibrant as possible for however long I can. Having a child gives you many laughs as well as lots of stress. So I definitely noticed this taking a toll on my skin, which has made me want to pamper it even more. I wanted to speak a little about the Cackle Spackle which is what I have on my face pictured below. This is a detoxifying face mask which I totally needed after a weekend of mimosas. This is filled with charcoal which is the detoxifier, and spearmint which tones and makes your face smell so fresh, literally like a stick of gum. I felt a little tingle the moment I applied but it only lasted about a second. I began to feel my face tighten a bit, and as I rinsed it off after 10 minutes, my face was so SMOOTH! Everyday face washes never give you that feeling so I was in heaven. I was also sent their caffeinated face lotion which I immediately applied after for the best absorption in my pores. I would recommend using this face mask about once every two weeks, or if you have sensitive skin, once a month. 

If face masks aren’t your thing, Perfectly Posh has a wide variety of skin care items that can be beneficial to you: 

•hand crèmes

•foot balms/crèmes/sticks

•skin sticks for on the go pampering 

•lip scrubs 

•bath bars


And so much more! 

If you would like to get started on your Perfectly Posh skin, please contact Yesenia Barreto (646) 977-5822 and let her pamper you today! 

*you can also contact Yesenia at




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