Marled by Reunited Clothing

I was given the opportunity to partner up with Marled by Reunited Clothing and style a piece of their choice. They sent me this shirt in the mail and I was ecstatic. I loved the spring/summer vibe with nautical colors. The slits up the side make it a bit more versatile, especially with the way I styled it by tying it in front. The brand chooses such a soothing color pallet for their clothing and it’s right up my alley. It is pieces you can go totally elegant with or add an edge. That is the type of clothing I adore because when you are a mom you need the best of both worlds. When I am with Mase I dress a little more traditional, when I go out with my girlfriends or to a date night, I spice things up a bit. Which brings me to my next topic, I had to style this shirt two ways. When I received it I had so many visions of how I can wear it and the different varieties I can pair it with. Today is the edgier look. Tomorrow I will post the more elegant/”mom” look. I hope you enjoy and be sure to check out their site! P.s. How cute is my little photobomber again! I can’t get enough of this kid. 

Hat (on sale)

Top: c/o Marled by Reunited Clothing

Jeans: Levi’s (flea market find) 

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Bag: Fendi

Bone bracelet: c/o Axelrad (gold sold out, silver)

Xouthate bracelet: c/o Axelrad

Rope bracelet: flea market find 


Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Shorts: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Jumping Beans


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