Get Yellow

I had the pleasure of trying out Yllo Turmeric Scrub and let me just tell you, it worked wonders! I opened the package and it immediately infused my nose with a crisp, lemon scent. It was so refreshing that I could have eaten it. In fact, if I wanted to, I totally could. Yllo Scrub is made with all natural ingredients and cruelty free. It is wait for it, wait for it…VEGAN, which means even my sister could use it. She is super vegan! This scrub may make you look scary but the effects are all worth it. Plus, you get a free 15-20 minutes to yourself while your toddler is scared crapless hiding in their room from you! Once you apply your mask, it hardens and tightens which I like because then I know it is working. It is easy to wash off, just rinse and it does not leave you yellow. Well, it did not leave me yellow but if it does happen to work its magic on you that way, well you’re screwed! Just kidding, use a mild face soap and you’re golden. Pun intended. I’m going to bore you with a little story about turmeric and how well it works. Not only does it do wonders for your skin, fighting acne with its big ole’ turmeric muscles, rids scars, which I suffer of from hormonal pimples back in the day and that lovely rosacea that absolutely no one loves. Turmeric is also great for putting in your smoothies and cooking with. As an ametuer runner, I say ametuer because I run like, a mile and I’m out of breath, I used to suffer from chondromalacia. I sprinkled some turmeric in my smoothies for about a week and bam, chondromalacia in my past, and stayed there. Also, I used to work at a desk job typing all day and carpal tunnel tried to marry it’s way into my hands and arms. It was successful until turmeric divorced that relationship real quick! So I advise you, try this scrub and don’t get mellow, get YLLO! Corny I know, but it’s true. I wouldn’t put it on my face and let it seep into my precious pores if I didn’t believe in it. I have it linked above and below just in case you don’t feel like scrolling up again! 


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