Mimu Maxi & Menswear 

Rainy, gloomy Monday’s are for cotton and comfort. And that is just what I wore today. I couldn’t think of a more minimalistic outfit than this one. I bought this top in the men’s section and since palm trees are my favorite, I was sold. I always look in the men’s department first of any store when I go shopping because I honestly feel they always have a better selection. If I see something I like I buy in an extra small so it doesn’t look too manly. I decided to add a little feminity by tightening the shirt with a knot and adding my Mimu Maxi skirt leggings. If you don’t know what skirt leggings are, they are pretty self explanatory. Leggings that are a skirt. They hug you in all the right places and make you feel like a million bucks. They are for when you want that comfort of leggings, but want that cuteness factor as well. Spices things up a bit. If you haven’t heard of Mimu Maxi, I suggest you start by clicking on their link. They are the ultimate comfortable basics all while making a huge statement look. It is reasonably priced and a color pallet that never gets old. It’s fashion that does not go out of style and they provide tight and loose clothing. Also, they are two Jewish sister-in-laws from Brooklyn, what could be better? 

Sunnies/watch: Vintage

Skirt Leggings c/o: Mimu Maxi

Sneakers: Bettye Muller


4 thoughts on “Mimu Maxi & Menswear 

  1. this is such a cool look!! i’m in love with your hair and sunglasses too ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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