Fresh Face Friday

I went to the dentist today and had my cavity drilled and it’s pouring outside so I figured I’d do a skincare post. Outfit posts don’t go over too well in rain. Skincare is my absolute favorite topic and I am constantly switching it up. I feel my face becomes immune to products after a while so I always need a change. I am definitely not that girl that has been using the same skincare routine since high school. Sometimes I wish because I never know what product to use next. That’s why I read so many beauty blogs everyday, they are so helpful! Everyone has different skin, so whatever works for you, you would know best. For now, this month I am using in this order: 

1. I wash my face in the shower every morning with Palmer’s Men Face Wash & Scrub. You may be thinking why men? No I am not a man but since men shave daily or frequently, their skincare products are much more sensitive. I feel this makes my skin so smooth due to its scrubbing bubbles and it is gentle enough to use daily. 

2. After the shower I immediately apply Beverly Hills Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream to my face and neck. I make sure my face is still damp for maximum moisture. This cream is a little pricey but it lasts a month and if you are going to invest in something, it might as well be your skin! You only have one face! This cream contains flax, caviar and silk and that’s what sold me! I also make sure to add flax seeds to my cooking and smoothies daily! I also apply this cream at night before bed. Ps. I also bought one for my Mom and she loves it too!

3. Before applying makeup I use Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. And again, you’re probably thinking why another manly product? Well, I learned this trick from my fellow bloggers and when I was at a party the other night, the women all congregated to the kitchen. We started talking about makeup, skincare and primer came up. No one knew this little trick! So I figured I’d share it on my blog and I told the girls and they were all so surprised. All primers contain glycerine, the ingredient that helps your makeup stay put. Nivea post shave balm contains that same ingredient and when I tested it out, my makeup was flawless and on all day long. The pro is that primers are so expensive and this goes for about $8 in the drugstore, depending on which one you go to. The con is that is does have a masculine smell but it goes away once absorbed in your skin. 

4. A+D Ointment is not just for diaper rash anymore! I use this whenever I randomly get a big throbbing pimple! And guess what? It works! I must give my beautiful friend Kait who has FLAWLESS SKIN the credit for this one because she told me about it. I was complaining to her about a pimple I had that was so painful and she told me to put A+D on overnight. I was like WHAT? For diaper rash? She said yes and I did what she said, I kid you not the pimple was gone the next morning. It is a life savior and overnight miracle. Thanks again Kait! 

Now I am no beauty expert but these are just products that work for me and hopefully if you try them out, they work for you too! I hope you enjoy today’s post! Happy Friday! 


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